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We provide a range of options and media for the storage of your documents and will help you to select the most appropriate method to suit your business needs. Often this will depend on the type of documents and whether you want it to be possible to alter or amend them. For example, microfilm cannot be altered, edited or updated, making this method perfect for legal documents.

Documents stored on CD can be edited, updated and even emailed on, making this method perfect if you need more flexible options. However, we can also supply CDs in read-only format if preferred, which again is more secure and protects the integrity of the materials stored, making them acceptable for most authorities.

We deal with all types of printed documents including plans and drawings up to size A0 and can transfer them to microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards or CD. Whichever storage medium you choose we will ensure that all documents are fully indexed to make searching for and retrieving them quick and easy.

We can also transfer materials from one type of media to another, for example we can transfer microfilm content onto CD and vice versa. We can, of course, also retrieve materials from all formats and supply printed hard copies if required in any size up to A0.

You can deliver your documents to us or, we can collect from you. Either way, on receipt we prepare the material ready for filming and/or scanning - this includes removing staples and checking number and alphabet sequencing as appropriate. After filming we can either securely shred the documents or return them to you.

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of our service and how we can support you or click here to find out more.

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